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20 January 2012

Heathrow airport

Read this text about Heathrow airport and answer the questions about it.

A trip to remember

Listen to a girl called Melanie talking about a school trip to Paris and do the exercises.( You are given the answers).

Past simple or past continuous

-We use the past continuous to describe an action in progress at a specific moment in the past: This time yesterday I was having a relaxing bath at home.
-We use the simple past to describe a completed action in the past: She read the magazine and went to bed.

Exercise 1
Exercise 2

How to improve your listening skills II

Here is a great website which is specially for your level, called Elementary Podcasts by the British Council. There are lots of texts to listen to and you can also download the mp3 files and save them on to your computer.Click on here to see this website.

Improve your listening skills!!!!

Hi guys!!
You always ask me about ways of improving your listening skills on your own and I always tell you to see films in English, to listen to the BBC online, to travel abroad,etc...Apart from all that, you have the Internet with loads of websites and blogs (like this one ;)),that help you improve all the skills.A fantastic website I came across last week is ESL VIDEOS.In this website you´ll find a wide variety of videos with questions and transcripts so, if you don´t understand well, you can listen to it and read the transcript at the same time so you get used to the sounds of the words.There are 4 levels: beginner,low intermediate,intermediate and high intermediate.You can start to improve now!!2º Básico students click here: