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5 June 2018

9 May 2018

A letter to your family

You are on a summer campsite and you don't have access to the Internet.
Write a letter to your family. In your letter, you should tell them about:
- the things you have done so far
- the new things you have learned
- the new friends you have made
- and the thnigs you miss from home
 Length: 80-100 words

TIP: Use the past simple and the present perfect to talk about all the things you have done and learned so far. Use the present simple to talk about the habits on the campsite like timetables to get up and meals. Use the future "be going to" to explain an activity you are going to do tomorrow.  Also, you can start the letter by saying what you are doing now: present continuous. (e.g. I am writing this letter to tell you about mu summer holiday at the campsite.....)
(De esta manera usamos todos los tiempos verbales estudiados este curso)

4 May 2018

Speaking ( Laura's class)

We all use technology in our daily lives. Talk  about the type of technology you use.
Include, at least, two of the following points:

  • What do you use at work?
  • What do you use at home?
  • Is there anything you use too much?
  •  What is your favourite gadget

Listening activities

Hi everyone,
Here you are some  useful websites to practice listening and expand your vocabulary! 

25 April 2018

Useful language for oral tests

Explain what your topic is about at the beginning:
I’m going to talk about ...
I’d like to talk about ...

First of all,…
To start with ,…

Use these expressions to order your ideas:
First of all, ... Firstly, ... Then, ... Secondly, ... Next, ...

Use connectors
Also, In addition, moreover, besides, however, on the other hand…

Use these expressions to end up:
Finally, ...        To sum up, ...
Lastly, ...         To recap…                   In conclusion, ...