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30 October 2011

Questions with and without auxiliaries

When we make questions in the past and present simple, we normally use an auxiliary verb:
'What time did you post the letter?'

When the question word (who?, which?, how many'?) is the subject of the verb in the question, we do not use an auxiliary verb and the verb is in the third person.
'Who wrote 'Hamlet'?'

Activity 1
Activity 2

28 October 2011

What are your plans for tonight?

Listen to six people talking about their plans for tonight. Then answer the questions. If your answers are not correct you can´t move forward and have to listen again!
When you finish you can listen and read the transcript. Good luck!

25 October 2011


How much do you know about the history of Halloween? This video listening exercise about Halloween will help you to practice your English listening skills. Click here.

21 October 2011


How did the weather affect Richard's holidays to Italy and Malaysia? This video is from, the efl/esl site for learners and teachers of English

Describing a picture

You are going to listen to six descriptions of six different pictures of a couple watching TV on a couch (a comfortable piece of furniture big enough for two or three people to sit on).Click here to listen.

Body Parts Cartoon

Watch this video and practice the pronunciation of the body vocabulary. Then do the activities. Good luck!!!
Activity one: The head
Activity two: The face
Activity three: The Whole body

16 October 2011

Present simple or continuos?

We use the present simple for things you do every day, week, year, or which are always true. We often use the present simple with adverbs of frequency (usually, often, always...) and expressions of frequency (every day, once a week...)
'It doesn´t often rain here'

We use the present continuous for this happening now, at this moment. Some verbs are not normally used in the present continuous :like, want, need, have (possess)...
'She can´t answer the phone now. She´s studying in her room.
Activity 1.
Activity 2.

Past and dates review !

Do the activities in this interactive book to review the past simple and the dates.