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26 February 2012

Extra Listening and vocabulary

Hi everyone!!!
Today´s post is to tell you about a very interesting website to improve your listening skills and vocabulary.Its name is . You´ll find a list of topics: cosmetic surgery, climate change,books, bullying,internet,etc, you´ll find a listening,its tapescript and exercises.Apart from improving your listening skills you´ll find ideas to use in your speaking tests.Hope you enjoy it!

4 February 2012

At the doctor's

If you want to increase your knowlege about this topic, click here and you will find some vocabulary,reading , listening and speaking activities. I hope you like them!!

May and Might

Here you will find some notes about the modal verbs May and Might. There are also some activities for you to practice.

Asking and giving directions!

Hi guys!How are you?I haven´t been able to post anything for a while because I´ve been pretty busy but.... I´m back!Today´s post is about asking and giving directions,one of the first things you need if you want to survive abroad (not quite sure since the arrival of the iphone,though ;).Anyway, let´s imagine you don´t have an iphone, go to the UK and need to find out where the British Museum is, you´ll need this vocabulary to get by, click here :

You can also see a couple of interesting videos regarding this topic,click here: